4 Ways to Add More Value to Your Garments

4 Ways to Add More Value to Your Garments

So you have your customer base established and you've had successful drops, what's next?
It's time to level-up your brand. Here are 4 ways that add more value to your brand and garments:

1. Discover other blanks that will increase your profit. High quality blanks are the canvas to your designs. As your screen printer, I can attest that if your blanks aren't high quality your art won't shine. If you're spending a lot of time, money, and effort into your art and not enough of time, money, and effort into finding the best garment options available, then you might end up with a product you are not satisfied with. Want to know what the most sought after blank in street wear is? Click here

2.  Have you considered branding options? Screen printed neck labels are cost effective and remind your audience why they like your brand. One way to level-up your branding is to use woven labels. Woven labels can be sewn into the seam, hem, or front of your garments. Woven labels are not only used to showcase your brand; also they are a way to add little messages to your audience and community of customers. Many brands add their slogan or a small message that embodies their brand. 

3. Another branding option is packaging. Have you thought of ways to add multifunctionality with your packaging? The latest trend is customized zipper bags. These are customized by putting your brand logo in the front/back of the bag with the color of your choice. Your customers are able to use them more than once and they are multifunctional; not to mention aesthetically pleasing! 

4. Last, freebies. Are you at a position where you can send free stickers to your customers with each order? A pin or even a shirt? Think of ways to thank your community for supporting your business. Your customers are more than likely to tag you or give you a shout-out in your socials, and that in of itself is added value!

Black Widow Print Studio can help with any of the above. Be sure to email, DM, or give us a call for your inquiries! 

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