About Us

Black Widow Print Studio is a custom print shop specializing in street wear. We started printing in our living room in 2008 by investing in our first manual press and learned from trial and error. Soon, we became a hobby business and moved to our first warehouse location; picking up random jobs on the side. With a full-time job to maintain, the printing side hustle grew but slowly. The love for printing and connections with customers that developed gave us hope that some day this business could grow even more. 2020 was the year the business took off. It was then that we realized the true potential this business had all along. We quit our jobs and decided to make the business our full-time jobs. We've come a long way and more to go. We are a family-owned and operated, small business. Thank you to our customers for sticking with us, and allowing us to continue to grow. Our passion is to take your brand to the next level and watch you grow to your full potential!