3 Actions To Help Your Brand Reach Milestones

3 Actions To Help Your Brand Reach Milestones

 At the start of 2022 we were pleased to have new customers join the Black Widow community. We've experienced a surge of up-and-coming brands who are ready to do what it takes to put their brand out there and, to be frank, make money moves!  So, what does it take, you ask?

Being on the printing side and meeting brands who have been successful and are reaching their sales goals, we have seen a few patterns of what it takes for one to build a clothing brand that's trending and generating extra income. Below are 3 actions that we have continuously observed our costumers execute consistently. 

1. Taking risks. While you may be contemplating whether your shirts/garments will sell; you likely are holding yourself back from the opportunity that in the beginning your sales might not be where you want them to be. However, if you see it as a starting point and learn along the way, your mindset will shift and you will feel more comfortable taking those risks. There's no perfect way of starting your own business other than diving in and figuring it out along the way. As Kobe Bryant said, "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey, the journey is the dream." 

2. Being present in social media. Yes, it's tiring at times; but if you do it purposefully it can be effective. We're not talking scrolling your feed and giving likes. Being present in social media as a brand means that you engage your followers and make them feel as though they had some part of involvement in your growth. In other words, they've invested their time and money to your brand so what can you give in return? People love to see behind the scenes, how it's made, and lifestyle posts because it makes you relatable.

3. Exploring other ways to increase the value of garments. We recommend setting your profit margin at 40%-50%; that means that you have to be certain that your product is going to live up to its price. For us, that means providing quality. Do your research about what t-shirt manufacturer is going to meet your needs, additional decorative finishes to your garments, packaging that can also be functional etc. We have options for you to increase the value of your garments; get in touch to discuss further. 

 Feel free to leave a comment! Or let us know if there are other tips you would like us to write about. 

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